Complex of transshipment of oil products Commodity Service LLC

 The complex “Commodity Service” Limited Company is the transshipment terminal, which renders services on acceptance, storage and loading of light and dark oil products on sea-going vessels. We accept cargoes which arrive by the railway as well as from the sea side.

   During more than 7 years we have transshipped about 7 300 000 tons of cargoes of different types, including fuel oil, naphtha, gasoil and bunker oils (marine bunker). We have handled about 180 export vessels. The average bunker transshipment comes to about 150 000 tons per year.


  Our terminal locates within the limits of Murmansk Sea Trade port. You can find it in the middle part of Kola Bay, at the territory of the former military base on cape Mohnatkin, Murmansk region. The ice-free Kola Bay of Barents Sea allows to work 365-days-a-year without any help of ice-breakers.

  The location of the port of Murmansk opens the quick access to the main ports of North Europe, moreover it is the home port on Northern Sea Route.


   The history of our transshipment terminal has started at 2002-2003 with the project development, which was supported and agreed by the Administration of Murmansk region. Starting from 2004 till October 2005 all the necessary works, constructions, installations were made. And from December 2005, upon completion, and till nowadays the complex is used in full accordance with the existing technological requirements.

The structure of the complex.

  The structure of the terminal includes the railway part, discharging complex and sea-roads transshipment part.

  The railway station “Mohnatkina Pahta” is equipped with the newest automatic driving desk (operating console etc.), siding lines for 80 railcars, rail crossing, point works, alarm system, water system and canalization.

  The discharging part of the terminal consists of the following technological objects:

  -    Double-sided railway discharge platform for 29 and 23 discharges (fuel oil) for heating and discharging of 52 railcars with fuel oil;

  -    At both platforms there are 38 discharges for light products with separate collectors;

   -   Thermal heater, includes 8 boilers THZ-40S. Full power 36 MVT.;

   - Two pipelines (426 mm), one for fuel oil, one for naphtha from discharge platforms to the vessel Kola Bay, which is used  as a storage, deadweight is 61 000 tons;

    - Two buffer tanks, 20 cubic metres each, containing hot fuel oil, coming from the heater and then to each discharge;

       -Buffer tank (75 cubic metres) down at the berth for pumping remaining product,  while cleaning up and blanking off the pipeline;

       - Pumping station;

       -   Office building.

   The Sea-Roads transshipment complex consists of heave mooring pontoons, roads equipment (seven special anchors) and the floating-storage. It is fully confirm with the requirement of International Ship and Port Facility Security Codea dn is registered as the safe port facility in the International Marine Organization (IMO). There are also Customs Services and Border Control.

  As the floating-storage at the present moment is used m/t Polar Rock with the deadweight of 105 274 tons.